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사소한 일

God fills us in as much as we pray and ask. When Israelis were enslaved by Egyptians, God heard their crying and saved them by showing countless miracles. Even today, God helps the ones who ask him for help. But what kind of help are we going to ask? How are we going to ask? Those are very important issues. First of all, we should be able to take care of all petty matters well. 1. We should not get caught up on trivial matters of life. - Achan who hid a jewel was killed. Even if it is a trivial action as hiding a jewel, God does not overlook any wrong doings. 2. We should care greatly about all trivial matters of life. 3. Draw Distinctions between the small stuff - Ether easily sold his birthright to buy something to eat, Jacob was grateful to get his birthright. The bible tells us that a little compassion shown to the ones who are neglected is doing goods to ourselves. 하나님께서는 입을 벌리는 만큼 채워 주시는 분입니다. 이스라엘 백성이 이집트의 종살이 할 때 그들의 부르짖는 소리를 들으시고 수많은 기적을 통해 구원해 주셨습니다. 오늘날 도 하나님을 향해 입을 벌리는 자에게 하나님께서 채워 주십니다. 그런데 무엇을 위해 입을 벌릴 것인가? 어떻게 벌릴 것인가? 그것이 중요합니다. 입을 벌리려면 먼저 우리의 생활에 늘 접하게 되는 사소한 일을 잘 처리해야 합니다.

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